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Ways to protect your home while you are away on vacation

4/8/2019 (Permalink)

General Ways to protect your home while you are away on vacation Vacation is meant to be a time to get away and relax.

Vacation season is right around the corner.  Disasters can happen at any time, but there are some simple ways to prevent some of them while you are away. 

Make sure that all unnecessary appliances are unplugged.  This not only saves on your electric bill, but decreases the chance of an electrical problem.  Shut off the main water valve in your home if you will be away more than 2 days.  This will limit the affect of water damage in the event of a broken pipe or toilet tank. 

Ask a neighbor or friend to check on your home while you are away, and make sure they know how to reach you in the event of an emergency.  Make sure all doors and windows are secure, including your garage door.  Make sure the lawn is mowed or the sidewalks are shoveled and mail and newspapers are stopped.  That, as well as having timers on lights will make it appear as though someone is home. 

Taking some precautions before you leave can help prevent a catastrophe that can ruin your vacation. 

The Legend of Valentine's Day

1/22/2019 (Permalink)

General The Legend of Valentine's Day Happy Valentine's Day!

St. Valentine's Day is a feast day in the Roman Catholic Church and is celebrated on February 14th.  Two priests, both named Valentine, were martyred on this date in separate years.

Valentine's Day was originally celebrated as the Festival of Lupercalia.  Farmers celebrated the coming of Spring and fertility in hopes of a good crop.  It was changed to St. Valentine's day by Pope Gelasius. 

Legend says that Bishop Valentine (later St. Valentine), signed a letter to the daughter of his jailer, "Your Valentine", prior to his execution.

Chaucer and Shakespeare began associating Valentine's Day with romantic poems and cards in their works.

People began exchanging hand written Valentine's cards in the 1700's.  The modern day Valentine's Day card became popular after Hallmark Cards of Kansas City began mass producing them in 1913.

Happy Valentine's Day!